Fresh Market Grocery Delivery Coming Soon For Resort Guests and Owners

February 27th, 2018 at 3:56pm
This Spring you can arrive at Oyhut Bay- Seaside Village to a fully stocked refrigerator.
The hustle and bustle of getting to your vacation destination.
We’ve all been there.
The scheduling, shopping, packing, loading the car, finally arriving and then needing provisions for the stay.
The Fresh Market is going to make your stay at Oyhut Bay even easier beginning this Spring.
When you book your Oyhut Bay visit, you can order groceries online from the fresh Market and have them waiting in your beach home or condo for your arrival.
You can browse the shopping choices, fill out a simple order form online, make your payment and have them delivered before you arrive.

Oyhut Bay guests can find all the ingredients for a home-cooked meal to prepare in the fully stocked kitchens at the resort. From dry and canned goods to beverages, fresh produce, convenience and dinner items. You could even order fresh flowers to greet your arrival.

Owners Carlos and Lori are excited to begin this service soon to help us share the relaxing, easy Oyhut Bay Seaside Village experience. Stay tuned for the launch of this unique and personal touch.

Carlos C Villarreal
Oyhut Bay Fresh Market LLC
131 Oyhut Bay Blvd Suite A
Ocean Shores, WA   98569 360-209-4334