Happy Homeowners at The Outlook at Oyhut Bay

December 17th, 2015 at 10:46am

If you spend a few hours checking out Oyhut Bay, you are likely to run into Dick and Joanne, homeowners at The Outlook at Oyhut Bay. Dick is always out walking, and you’ll usually find Joanne caring for her beautiful potted flowers (including our flower pots at the Welcome Center).


oyhut condo landscaping (4)

We got them to stop long enough to ask them what they love about living at Oyhut Bay:

What do we love about our home? How spacious it is- the vaulted ceiling and floorplan makes it good for entertaining. We down-sized from a 2700sf house and we don’t miss the space! We have a huge kitchen — the heart of the home and the family. It’s a quiet and sturdy building- we never hear the neighbors.

Matrix Condo Outlook 3BR #109-13 web

We love the views from our fourth floor, corner unit– watching the wildlife (birds and deer,) and the ships in the bay. From the deck, we can see clear out to the lake, and from the front, out to the ocean.

Speaking of the wildlife, we get hummingbirds at our windows year-round. Our home is in a bird fly zone– we’ve seen bald eagles fly by our windows on numerous occasions. With the pockets of wetlands, there is plenty of green space and trees, and at night we hear nature sounds – frogs and birds.

We love being this close to the ocean, but still protected a little bit from the harsh winds and salt spray, plus having the beach access so close and going on walks out to Damon Point. It’s peaceful being at “the quiet end of town.” Plus the street lights and sidewalks make it nice for walking, particularly at night. You feel secure. It’s nicer than any other place in Ocean Shores for walking!

When we think of what we are excited to see coming at Oyhut Bay?  The canal access and boathouse.  The Heron Lodge–with a community gathering space by the fire, a bistro and a coffee shop. Fire pits and other community gathering spaces. And the grocery store!

Thanks for the kind words, Dick and Joanne – we love having you at Oyhut Bay. For more information on available condos at the Outlook at Oyhut Bay, visit: http://oyhutbay.com/outlook/.