How Close is Oyhut Bay to… Oyhut Bay?

October 15th, 2015 at 7:21am

The new village of Oyhut Bay is close to the water, but like many things in the Ocean Shores area, we aren’t right on the water. So we often get the question, how close are you to the ocean?

There’s no better way to answer than with a photo!


This aerial shot of our village shows how close we really are – not only to the sandy car-free beaches of Damon Point and Oyhut Bay (at the top/top right of the photo); but also the freshwater canals across from our main entrance (at the top left). The areas of green circled by orange are preserved wetlands within the Oyhut Bay village.

We will be creating an offroad path from our community entrance to the beaches of Damon Point – just a scant 1/2 mile away.


The above photo of the Outlook Condos building (which is in the very center of our village), shows the band of trees and thick vegetation that is the Oyhut Bay Wildlife Recreation Area, and the beaches of Oyhut Bay beyond.

A walk on the beach at Damon Point offers miles and miles of quiet exploration, birdwatching and beachcombing. That’s why we say we are The Natural Side of Ocean Shores!