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List your Oyhut Bay home

Why Oyhut Bay Realty

Listing your home is a big decision. Having an agent that understands the market is one of the most important parts of a successful sale.
Oyhut Bay Realty specializes in Oyhut Bay properties. Knowing the comparables, the values and our niche market is a big advantage but isn’t the only one.
What do we do…

Real Opportunities

Email Marketing

Wide ranges marketing is crucial. Getting the word to Seattle, Portland and other major upper left coast cities (and beyond) can and often does result in an offer sooner.
We do have a large email marketing campaign.
Your home will be featured in our email blast that reaches over
15,000 people have subscribed to Oyhut emails

Social Media

Why does social media help to sell homes?
The big online sites only allow so many photos and descriptive words but social media allows lengthy descriptions and loves photos, so those little nuances that make your home special can be featured so they standout.
Social media allows target marketing through the algorithms with key words, hashtags and a users research history.
It’s how the world communicates


The Sales Office

Our sales office is open 7 days a week. We have information about Oyhut Bay Realty listings available to guests. The buyers of Oyhut Bay homes are often guests that have stayed and fallen in love with our village. Having an agent on-site that can show your home or help a guest with questions right away, has often resulted in a sale. Who better, than your listing agent, to answer questions about your home.

Professional Photography

We consider your listing photos to be a buyers first impression of your home. Less then flattering photos can make or break a buyers interest in your listing.

We work with a professional photographer to insure that your homes first impression is the best it can be.

Determining Your Home’s Value

A Comparative Market Analysis based on the homes sold in Oyhut Bay is always where we start. It is based on homes with similar square footage, bedroom/bathroom count and some upgrade features. Knowing Oyhut Bay homes along with their features and upgrades can make a big difference in pricing.

We will prepare a full CMA for you to review. That analysis will include the comparable properties and all of the comparable properties information including a photo gallery.

The First Steps

Let’s get you connected to our sales team.

We are happy to set up in-person meeting or a phone call.
Lets work together to make this process seamless and trouble free as can be.
There is no obligation, we just want to make sure that you have all the information you need to make an decision about selling you home.