Meet More of Our Happy Homeowners, the Bradleys

January 7th, 2016 at 1:16pm

The Bradleys are another of our proud condominium owners at The Outlook at Oyhut Bay. We asked them to share some thoughts about their new home –

OB: What do you love about your home?


  • The View! From the back, we can see the ocean, and from the front we can see the bay. All the wildlife scenery–the geese, deer, rabbits, and raccoons.
  • Beautiful sunrises and sunsets.
  • Condo is well laid out- it feels a lot bigger than it is. The bedrooms are really big.

Matrix Condo Outlook 2BR #107-5

OB: Why are you excited to live at Oyhut Bay?


  • The location! The beach, the scenery, proximity to the bay and reserve.
  • We had been looking for a place for three years when we saw the ad in Alaska Airlines Magazine. We hadn’t been to Ocean Shores in years, but decided we needed to get down there to take a look. We loved it immediately. We got the vision and have been enjoying watching the community develop.
  • Ocean Shores is big enough to offer activities.
  • Oyhut Bay feels village-y now, with the street lights and beautiful cottages and landscaping.
  • Ocean Shores has really well-maintained, level roads that make great biking trails. There are miles of bike paths. Riding bicycles in Ocean Shores is an easy way to see the scenery, ride by the Ocean and the bay.


OB: What are you most excited to see coming at Oyhut Bay?


  • The commercial amenities– the Lodge, the coffee shop, restaurant and other retail. Walking out my door and down the street to get a cup of coffee.
  • The Fitness Center.

In short, they say, “We absolutely love it!”  For more information on The Outlook at Oyhut Bay, visit: