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Grand Canal

  • The Largest Canal in Ocean Shores, measuring 4.3 miles long!

Waterways interconnected with the Grand Canal:

  • Karoo’s Canal – 3,000′ Canal
  • Oreja’s Agua – 2,250′ Canal
  • Party Pup Passage – 2,250′ Canal
  • Starry-Night Passage – 3,250′ Canal: Connects the Grand Canal To Marr’s Shallows which connects Lake Minard, Perkins Pond, and Oyhut Canal.
  • Blue Heron Bayou – 2,750′ Canal
  • Twaunnie’s Dream – 500′ Canal
  • Raccoon Lagoon – 500′ Canal
  • Otter Alley – 500′ Canal
  • Ballou Bayou – 750′ Canal
  • Bridges Bayou – 1,750′ Canal
  • Ocean Wins – 1,500′ Canal

Waterways Interconnecting other Bodies of water:

  • Grow Old Along With Me Passage – Connects the Grand Canal to Karoo’s Canal, Oreja’s Agua, Party Pup Passage, and Starry-Night Passage.
  • Marr’s Shallows – 1,000′ Canal: Connects Starry-Night Passage to Lake Minard.
  • Lake Minard – A Small Lake off of Marr’s Shallows, measuring 4,250 feet around. Interconnected between Marr’s Shallows, Perkins Pond, and Oyhut Canal.

Other Bodies of Water: 

  • Perkins Pond: 2,750′ around small pond interconnected to Lake Minard.
  • Oyhut Canal: 4,000′ Canal interconnected to Lake Minard.

WM C Marr Fish-hook

  • 3,250′ Canal that connects the Grand Canal and Duck Lake in-between Emily & Hanna B. Waterway and the main of Grand Canal.

Duck Lake

  • 3.8 miles of lakes interconnected by streams and canals.

Waterways interconnected with Duck Lake:

  • Heacocks Hallow – 1,500′ Canal: Waterway that interconnects Duck Lake to Bass Canal.
  • Friendship Passage – 2,500′ Canal: Waterway interconnecting Duck Lake to other parts of the lake.
  • Emily & Hanna B. Waterway – 1,000′ Canal: Waterway that interconnects Duck Lake to WM C Marr Fish-hook which connects to the Grand Canal.
  • Bass Canal: A Mile long Canal Interconnected to Duck lake off of Heacocks Hallow.