Sea Stars and Stripes Beach Cottage now available- Our Oyhut Bay- an Owners Story

March 20th, 2018 at 1:17pm

Get to know Sea Stars and Stripes- Our newest addition to the rental program.

Karin and I first visited Oyhut during a weekend trip to Ocean Shores last summer. We were immediately captivated by the quaint, village-like atmosphere. We loved the very walkable layout of the community, the peacefulness of it all and the incredible friendliness of the local residents. We were so impressed that we came back the following weekend and contracted to build what is now the Sea Stars and Stripes Beach Cottage.

The following months were a blur of activity but Kelsey, Jean, Pat and the rest of the crew were amazing. We visited the site almost every weekend from groundbreaking to completion. I am sure we drove them crazy but they never showed it! They made the entire process so easy. We had a few changes to the original design, but they never flinched and accommodated us all along the way. In the end, the cottage far exceeded our expectations and we could not be more pleased with it.

During the months of construction, we watched new businesses move into the village. The Riptide Coffee Co. opened shortly after we broke ground. The Bistro and Loft continued to expand and we watched the ongoing development of more retail spaces. Since we took possession of our cottage at the end of December, we have spent many weekends at Oyhut and been having the time of our life. The Fresh Market opened in February, which everyone is very excited about. We love the short trip on our bikes to pick up a few things.

Since moving in, we have had a lot of fun putting on our own personal touches. The Americana theme reflects our love of country and the true spirit of living the American dream. As a Marine, I understand and appreciate all the things this great country affords. Sea Stars and Stripes is a true representation of living the American Dream through hard work and determination. Some of the items we have added are the propane gas line in the front yard where we will install a fire table and chairs as soon as the weather improves a bit. The hot tub was just installed and set up a couple weeks ago and, thanks to Dick, is up and running! Karin and I also included 2 new cruiser style bikes, helmets, beach chairs, umbrellas and a few sand toys for our guests to enjoy during their stay.

Karin and I have had a blast at our new cottage and love the inviting village Oyhut has become. In between rentals, we hope to visit as often as possible and always look forward to spending time there. We look forward to sharing this experience with others and hope they enjoy Sea Stars and Stripes