Stay and Surf at Oyhut Bay- Ocean Shores Washington

Photos courtesy Jeremy Towery
February 26th, 2018 at 9:46pm

Have you always wanted to try surfing but thought you needed a road trip to California to give it a try? Well pack your bags, book your Oyhut Bay beach home and head for Ocean Shores.
Ocean Shores is a great place for beginning surfing. The ideal surf spots are at the south end of Ocean Shores. The South Jetty is best on an SW swell with light or East winds.There are a couple of other breaks North of the Jetty that are great too. Because they are a beach break, it can be mushy or hollow at times, depending on the size of swell and winds.
When the waves are too big at the Jetty, there is Damon Point. Damon is good in any swell direction but needs about a 5 ft. swell to reach inside. Damon breaks close to the beach and therefore an easy paddle out. If you are a beginner, you want to surf Damon first to get your feet,( and the rest of you!) wet.
Wind, swell, weather and tide all have an impact on surf conditions for any given break. Mornings typically offer calmer conditions. Other breaks are set in coves with headlands or bends in the coastline that provide shelter from winds throughout the day.
Wherever there are waves, there could be rip currents or undertows. Rip currents can occur at ANY beach, just not in Ocean Shores, so safety first and never venture out alone.
Safe and respectful surf etiquette is one of the most important parts of surfing. Learning things like whether you should paddle on a wave that someone else is surfing on, where to paddle out, and what part of the surf spot is best for beginners are all parts of surf etiquette that will help keep surfing safer for everyone. Pick up on surf etiquette from locals and during lessons and watch experienced surfers before paddling out to a new spot.

First gear up-
In Ocean Shores our water temp averages mid to high 50’s and a wetsuit is recommended.
Winter surfing requires a quality wetsuit of the right thickness and weight. Fortunately, North Coast Surf has a wide variety to rent for all sizes to make your experience comfortable.
Surfboard: Starting off with a longer more stable surfboard makes it easier to catch and stand up on waves, so you’re learning and surfing more rather than bobbing around watching others catch waves. Foam-based soft-top boards are a great option. Again if you are a beginner to this, let the experts help you.

In Ocean Shores, we have a hidden gem in the North Coast Surf Shop. The Surf Shop is located in the center of Ocean Shores in a bright funky building that you can’t miss. Jen is eager to share her years of surfing experience, Ocean Shores secrets and best of all she gives lessons. The surf shop has everything you need to be included in your surfing rental package. Start with the full package that includes a lesson. Then add on another day to continue your adventure.
Ocean Shores offers so many outdoor activity options. Plan your visit to Oyhut Bay and try a new adventure in 2018.