Explore the Natural Side of Ocean Shores at Oyhut Bay.

Our next-door neighbor is the 683-acre Oyhut Wildlife Recreation Area, set aside by the State of Washington to protect its woodlands, wetlands and tidal flats. It is a birders’ paradise! Here you will find blue herons, brown pelicans, snowy owls, pheasants, snowy plovers, and so many more.

Across from our main entrance is Oyhut Canal, connecting us to the nearly 23-mile network of man-made fresh water canals and lakes. Launch a kayak or canoe or mount your paddleboard for a day gliding through pristine woods, wetlands and quiet residential waterfront neighborhoods.

In less than a mile, you can be beachcombing one of Ocean Shores most pristine and natural driftwood beaches where you can wade into the Pacific surf or stroll along the tranquility of Grays Harbor.

Clamming on the Beach

For many visitors and residents, one of the main appeals of Ocean Shores is what we like to call “The Natural Side of Ocean Shores”. This is the part of the peninsula towards the south shore, away from the hustle and bustle of downtown and the major public beaches. Here you will find a quiet, peaceful setting where you can enjoy all that the Northwest has to offer.

Our ambassadors are the many, many deer who will greet you as you explore the peninsula.

Fresh Water Canals and Lakes

A 23-mile network of man-made canals and two lakes are carved through the interior of the peninsula. The canals are filled with fish, lined with greenery, and attract all kinds of native wildlife.

Oyhut Bay homeowners and guests can access the Oyhut Canal from The Landing at Oyhut Bay – our own canal-front dock giving you direct access for kayaking, fishing, SUPing and more.

Oyhut Wildlife Recreation Area

The 683-acre Oyhut Wildlife Recreation Area is a year-round destination for birders and fans of unspoiled native flora and fauna. Oyhut Bay is nestled against this preserved area, a serene and natural backdrop for our walkable village.

Damon Point

Welcome to Ocean Shores’ other beach – Damon Point offers four miles of driftwood lined beaches and acres of interior wilderness area on Oyhut Bay, part of Grays Harbor. This protected, car-free beach is ideal for walking, exploring, birdwatching, running, or agate and shell collecting. Beach access to Damon Point is just a 10-minute walk away from Oyhut Bay, or even shorter drive or bike ride.

A Walkable Community

The flat, easy terrain and quiet roads of the south end of the Ocean Shores peninsula invite long walks, quiet runs and easy peddling. All with the added bonus of being brought face-to-face with nature. It’s an environment that is hard to duplicate and very easy to love.

Oyhut Bay

And right at the head of The Natural Side of Ocean Shores is the new village of Oyhut Bay, with the Oyhut Wildlife Recreation Area on one side and private waterfront access to the 23 miles of canals on the other. Enjoy!