Understanding the Changing Ocean Shores Tides

Every year, countless travelers pack their bags and head to the beach. For a coastal getaway like no other, reserve a vacation rental from Oyhut Bay Seaside Village and escape to Ocean Shores. Located on the Washington Coast, this Pacific Northwest town is the ideal destination for everyone from solo travelers to families. Some of the best things to do during your stay are along the shoreline, which is why it’s so important to know some key information about the tides in Ocean Shores.

How to Read the Tides

Ocean Shores generally has two high tides and two low tides a day. If the water is as high as it can go on the shoreline, this is called high tide. Low tide is when the opposite happens, and the water recedes as far back as it will go. The biggest impacts on the tides are the planet’s rotational force and the moon’s gravitational pull. While the changing tides occur each morning and night, the actual times vary. The best way to know when high and low tide will take place is by looking at a tide chart

The Best Activities for High and Low Tide

It may not seem like it, but the changing tides can impact your Ocean Shores adventures. Certain coastal activities are better during a particular tide for both enjoyment and safety reasons.

  • If you’re hoping to do a bit of swimming, go during slack tide, which is the hour before or after high or low tide.
  • Surfing is best between high and low tide for several safety reasons.
  • Anglers want a moving tide, so try casting during falling tide, which takes place about two hours before low tide.

Some of the most unique beach activities are best at low tide, including clam digging and beach combing. Low tide is also the best time to go tide pooling. Several tide pools exist throughout Ocean shores, including the North Jerry and Damon Point

A tide pool is where water gets trapped by low spots in the sand or rocks when the tide goes down. These areas are home to various aquatic life like anemones, barnacles, and mussels. When tide pooling, leave these creatures in their habitat and wet your finger before gently touching them.

Be Close to Top Ocean Shores Adventures

A vacation rental community in Ocean Shores to relax in after exploring the tides.

No matter what activities are on your itinerary, be close to them all by staying at Oyhut Bay Seaside Village. After checking the tides and grabbing breakfast at your rental or a local Ocean Shores restaurant, set off exploring.

At the end of each adventure-filled day, relax in comfort at your luxurious home away from home. Our range of cottages and condos come in a variety of sizes, styles, and price points. This means we can accommodate groups of all sizes. Call 360-209-1886 to learn more about our rentals and their range of amenities. 

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